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6 Top Notch NHL Commercials

Posted: May 5th, 2010 | Author: | Tags: , , , , | 3 Comments »

The NHL hasn’t done much right in the past few years, from replacing ESPN with Versus to implementing the shootout to supporting bankrupt teams in non-traditional markets. But one thing they always seem to nail are commercials come playoff time. Here are my favorite campaigns:

History Will Be Made:

This year’s campaign focuses on the moments in the past that have made history. The campaign, aside from offering a nostalgic feel, have been updated throughout these playoffs, capturing new moments that will never be forgotten .

Every Second Counts:
The NHL Playoffs are the longest, hardest tournament in sports. No other trophy requires of its champions so much endurance, pain, and sweat.

The Coach:
The NHL Network ran these promos a few seasons ago, poking fun at the complexities of the sport.

Is This The Year:
Famous photos come to life as the NHL asks players “Is This The Year?” This particular promo features Sidney Crosby, following a loss in the Stanley Cup Finals the year before at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. He and the Penguins went on to defeat the Red Wings in a rematch that year.

NHL Players Are Just Like You:

This was one of my favorite campaigns. The NHL has attempted a few lines of humorous commercials, with this one topping the rest.

Cup Raise:

And finally, my favorite. It’s every hockey player’s dream to raise the Cup above his head. It’s something they all pretend when they’re kids, and only few get to do in real life…

{That one makes me all fuzzy inside}

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