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Links: Mike Doughty, A Stadium Implosion & A Seinfeld Movie?

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Lots of videos coming at you today.

First up, if you’ve never heard Mike Doughty, you should check him out. Not only does the music rock, but the live show is cool. Most of his shows feature “The Question Jar,” a veritable grab bag of life’s most profound (or not) questions, which fans fill out before the show and he answers while on stage. Check out a the Question Jar answers from a recent San Francisco show (some NSFW language):


Next, we have a pretty killer camera shot that I’m not sure anyone has ever seen: it’s from inside the imploding Texas Stadium, the former home of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a 360 degree look at what happens when a stadium is blown up… from the inside. Why hasn’t someone thought to do this sooner?

Click this link to check it out… and make sure you aim the camera straight up at the 30 second mark for what one of the commenters calls an “OH SH*T” moment!


And lastly today, we have the trailer for what could have been a serious movie based on Seinfeld. Check it out:

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