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The NHL Does It Again

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About a month ago, I went through some of my favorite NHL commercials and posted them here. Well, we’re into the Stanley Cup finals this year, and the NHL just released a new one. I think it’s on par with any of the ones that I posted before. Here it is:


What makes it powerful?

Well, to start… it’s powerful. How do you describe the feeling of doing something so huge? You can’t. That stands out to me, because so many marketers are focused on what they’re trying to say that they don’t often consider the importance of what’s not said.

The players in this commercial come from teams that span the last quarter century. Some of them played together, some of them didn’t. Some of them had retired before some of them had even finished elementary school. But they’ve all won the Cup. They’ve all experienced something that neither you nor I will ever experience. And they’ve all had the same reaction.

We’re not talking about winning the French Open, we’re not talking about winning the World Series. We’re talking about winning the hardest trophy in sports. Why is it hard? Because you have to win 16 games. Because it’s 8 weeks of physical play, every other night, with little rest between series. Because players often can’t walk by the end, but they summon the strength for late-game heroics when it’s all on the line. Because guys like Duncan Keith lost 7 teeth when he took a slapshot in the mouth, but stayed on to finish the game. Because a guy like Ian Laperriere blocked a shot with his face that took 90 stitches to sew up — the brain contusion that showed up didn’t help matters — in the first round and returned a month and a half later to finish his season. He’s playing tonight. Why do I mention all of this? Because the players in the commercial don’t. Because that’s what it takes to win the Cup, and because nobody who went through it could adequately explain what it’s like to someone who hasn’t.

I’m at about 350 words here in this post, but I’m telling you why I like this commercial. I can’t tell you what it’s like to win the Cup. But I’m guessing I couldn’t, even if I tried.

6 Top Notch NHL Commercials

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The NHL hasn’t done much right in the past few years, from replacing ESPN with Versus to implementing the shootout to supporting bankrupt teams in non-traditional markets. But one thing they always seem to nail are commercials come playoff time. Here are my favorite campaigns:

History Will Be Made:

This year’s campaign focuses on the moments in the past that have made history. The campaign, aside from offering a nostalgic feel, have been updated throughout these playoffs, capturing new moments that will never be forgotten .

Every Second Counts:
The NHL Playoffs are the longest, hardest tournament in sports. No other trophy requires of its champions so much endurance, pain, and sweat.

The Coach:
The NHL Network ran these promos a few seasons ago, poking fun at the complexities of the sport.

Is This The Year:
Famous photos come to life as the NHL asks players “Is This The Year?” This particular promo features Sidney Crosby, following a loss in the Stanley Cup Finals the year before at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. He and the Penguins went on to defeat the Red Wings in a rematch that year.

NHL Players Are Just Like You:

This was one of my favorite campaigns. The NHL has attempted a few lines of humorous commercials, with this one topping the rest.

Cup Raise:

And finally, my favorite. It’s every hockey player’s dream to raise the Cup above his head. It’s something they all pretend when they’re kids, and only few get to do in real life…

{That one makes me all fuzzy inside}

Links I Think You'll Like

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One of the things Twitter has been so powerful in doing is sharing content across the Internet.  Yeah, it’s great to carry on conversations with friends, or listen to John Mayer make his funny jokes after midnight, but the links and news stories and youtube videos and funny photos and on and on that I’ve caught because of Twitter is astounding. Here are some links I’ve stumbled upon that I think are shareworthy, in no particular order:

First up, the annual “Forbes Fictional 15,” calculating the 15 richest fictional characters in the world… of imaginary characters.

Global markets are rapidly recovering from the 2008 financial crisis, and so are the fortunes of the fictitious. There are six new characters on the 2010 edition of Fictional 15, our annual ranking of fiction’s richest, with an average net worth of $7.3 billion.


The name says it all with this one. It’s an “epic and honest mobile home commercial.” Nuff said.
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