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Housesitting: Day 2

Posted: May 25th, 2010 | Author: | Tags: | No Comments »

(I know, I know… I’m on Day 4 right now, which means, not surprisingly, I’m behind on this. Oh well.)

  • Last night, I dreamt that I was in high school again or something, and that because we had a house all to ourselves, we threw a massive party (apparently, it didn’t occur to my subconscious that we already have an apartment all to ourselves and that we can do that anytime we wanted). It was like the type you see in movies, beer everywhere, people everywhere (i.e. not the type of party I’ve ever thrown, if you can believe that! …you can.). But toward the end of the dream, it dawned on me that I was responsible for cleaning the place up the next day. My dream self was bummed.
  • But when I woke up this morning, I was happy to report that it was all in my head, that the house is as pristine as when I went to bed. However, I still woke up with a headache. Dumb.
  • I mentioned last night that we moved the dog’s bed from the living room to the basement, where he slept for the first half of the night — before going off to bark at squirrels at about 4 AM. Well, I come upstairs this morning, and he’s lying in the ottoman next to where the bed should be, as if to say “it was here yesterday, where could it have gone?!”
  • I moved it back but now he’s on the bed in the master bedroom and won’t budge.
  • Tons, TONS of books in every room in the house. Fiction, literature (there’s a difference!), politics, science… everything. This is how my house is going to be.
  • Tons, TONS of birds around in the back yard. On first count, four birdfeeders. UPDATE: New estimates have the number of visible birdfeeders at 6.
  • Watched The Lion King tonight — on VHS! The cats were in the room the entire time; they weren’t at all interested. Disappointing.

  • Vacation: Housesitting: Day 1

    Posted: May 23rd, 2010 | Author: | Tags: | 3 Comments »

    Came to the house straight from work for my first hours of duty:
    The animals look suspicious. They keep staring at me as I wander around the house, exploring my new living situation for the next 6 days. They think I’m a dope.

    15 minutes later
    The dog seems to like me. Perhaps he, unlike the cats, understands that I’m the reason he’s going to eat this week. Lying on the floor by my feet right now. The cats are watching him. Their eyes are calling him a traitor.

    Left to go back to the apartment to pack some clothes for the next few days
    Came back two hours later and they’re all in the same spot. I think they’re up to something.

    10 minutes later
    I think the dog just farted.

    Dog’s still lying next to me on the floor by the couch
    I’m going to get Teddy (dog) to respond to “Tedster” by the end of the week.

    Nearing bedtime
    Cat just tried to get into a package of Oreos. Nuh uh.

    The Tedster normally sleeps in the master bedroom, but w nobody occupying it, we moved one of his beds (right, dude’s got muliltiple beds throughout the house!) to the basement in case his sleeping preference was dictated not by room choice but by proximity to human beings. So he comes lumbering downstairs, sniffs something and catches the trail like the best of crime-fighting dogs, chases the trail around the basement, and winds up on his mat. He spins around, sniffing and getting to know the mat, as if to say “how did this get here?! I have the same one up stairs? Where did this come from?!” before plopping down and falling asleep.


    Posted: May 23rd, 2010 | Author: | Tags: | No Comments »

    So, I’m on “vacation.” Or, as others would call it, “housesitting.” Which I suppose is a better term, as I still have to go to work and write every day. But it’s cool, because I’m doing it from someone else’s house for a few days. The main reason they need Kelsey and me to do this is because they have two cats and a dog that need to be fed and let out and a bunch of plants that need to be taken care of. So we’ve moved into the basement, and we’ll be here all week.

    Now, if you know me, I’m not crazy about animals. I’m coming around on dogs, but everything else is pretty “meh” to me. (I don’t dislike them, I would just prefer to stay out of their way if they stay out of mine.) So seeing as this is might be a long week, I’m gonna keep a running log of observations. Hopefully, I’ll be around on Day 6 to wrap up…

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