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Ta da!

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Looks like I called it, and I’m gonna take a minute to pat myself on the back:

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The New Gap Logo Is Fake

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Might I look stupid a month from now for posting this? Sure. But it’s not like my track record is so impeccable that being wrong about this will kill me… I’ll just change the title to “Why The New Gap Logo Should Be Fake”. (But I don’t think I’m wrong.)

Earlier this week, Gap quietly replaced their former logo (seen above on the left) with a new logo (seen above on the right) on their website. Reaction on design blogs and across the Internet was, well… less quiet. The new logo was lampooned almost everywhere it was mentioned, by artists who couldn’t understand the process behind its creation and consumers who missed the iconic logo they associated with the hip clothing brand (An article on The Huffington Post — which I don’t read but seems to represent a mainstream view of all this — starts like this: “Gap has debuted a new logo on its website, doing away with the blue square we’ve come to know and love.”) A poll on that same article shows an overwhelming distaste for the new logo… Votes for “Terrible.” were at 87% when I checked it a minute ago, with votes for “Awesome!” only holding the other 13%. (I know, I know… that’s not the most reliable polling method to use, but I’m not waiting for Gallup to present their findings…)

I don’t think this is a real rebranding from Gap. I think they’re craving attention and doing something like this is going to get it for them. Change such a well-renowned logo to something so horribly maligned? That’s good for a whole bunch of online coverage. Here’s why I don’t think it’s real:
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