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A Death In The Family

Posted: April 21st, 2010 | Author: | Tags: , , | 1 Comment »

A Eulogy, of sorts, of a dog that didn’t belong to me…

Kind eyes
I’m not a “dog person.” I’m not a cat person, I’m not a pet person. In fact, most of the fish we owned when we were kids went belly up and down the toilet before they got to appreciate the size of the aquarium they had moved in to — and our aquariums weren’t very large. So I never really graduated to the “animals with legs” stage of pet ownership.

But a few days ago, I had the unique — and unenviable — experience of being there when Kelsey’s dog, a dog that has been a member of her family since she and her sister were young, was put to rest. Now, I’ve never “known” a dog, nor have I ever grown comfortable with one. I’ve never looked at one lovingly, or even with the desire to pet it. At least, not in person. Movies and photographs, maybe. But it’s not because I have anything against dogs, but because… well, I don’t know, they’re dogs and I’m not and I’ll stay out of their way if they stayed out of mine. And I certainly never felt that a dog belonged to me.
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