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Creation & Consumption

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About two weeks ago, I polished and finished off a script that I had been working on since July of 2008, started just after I arrived in LA under the guidance of my mentor, Adam Mazer. I had actually “finished” the script about six months ago, burnt out on the one idea that had remained central in my head for so long. I took the interim to write new scripts (a short, one-act play and a few other little ideas, and then the first act of a new project) and figure out what’s coming next — I also moved to Long Island, got a new job, and developed and launched the social media efforts of a small store in the Hamptons. I picked up my script, The Bellerophon Project, about a month ago because I wanted to submit it to a contest or two, and there were a few sections I wanted to rework. But that was it. I honestly don’t have another original idea in my head anymore, considering I wrote numerous drafts, threw out plenty of perfectly good scenes, and read and reread the entire thing at least a dozen times — a lot when you figure that the final product comes in at just over 135 pages.

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