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I’m Not (Necessarily) A Manipulative Prick.

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I want to write the way a lot of other people do.

There are tons of authors out there whose careers I’d like to replace my own with, and there are screenwriters and playwrights and even a poet or two (I’d be lookin’ at you, W.H. Auden, if you were still alive…). And then there are songwriters. There are a ton of musicians who make me sit up and say, “I wish I could write like that.” Not the rhyming with a chorus and a bridge, but that I wish I could do what So and So does. I wish I could tell the stories they do (12 different ones on an album that takes 6 months to record, against the 1(ish) story I’m writing in my script that, at this point, takes 18 months of wrestling). There are CDs that I put in the car player that can change my entire mood. They pick me up from a bad mood, or they get me thinking and morose and I’m screwed up for the rest of the day (yeah, that’s pretty fuckin’ emo, I get it). I want to write in a way that does that; I want to grab readers by the balls and tell them how to feel (or, rather, have my characters do so…). I listen to these CDs and I think, “Man, I want to make people feel like that.”

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