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So, I’m on “vacation.” Or, as others would call it, “housesitting.” Which I suppose is a better term, as I still have to go to work and write every day. But it’s cool, because I’m doing it from someone else’s house for a few days. The main reason they need Kelsey and me to do this is because they have two cats and a dog that need to be fed and let out and a bunch of plants that need to be taken care of. So we’ve moved into the basement, and we’ll be here all week.

Now, if you know me, I’m not crazy about animals. I’m coming around on dogs, but everything else is pretty “meh” to me. (I don’t dislike them, I would just prefer to stay out of their way if they stay out of mine.) So seeing as this is might be a long week, I’m gonna keep a running log of observations. Hopefully, I’ll be around on Day 6 to wrap up…

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