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So you only want a touch of color in that image? (Photoshop Tutorial)

Posted: May 9th, 2012 | Author: | No Comments »

All right, so I’m probably not the guy to be writing photoshop tutorials because it’s like losing an arm-wrestling match every time I open the program, but here we are. I’m about to give you step-by-step instructions for turning this:

into this:

Sick, huh?

1. So, we start with our image in Photoshop. (Duh? Bear with me, I’m new to this…)

Next, we’re going to want to duplicate that layer so we have two copies of the image. Go to your layers panel on the righthand side, right click, and select “Duplicate Layer.”

Click OK on the dialogue box that pops open and you end up with this:

3. Select the new layer (in my case, it’s Layer 1 Copy), and then go to the menu bar and click on “Image.” Scroll down to “Adjustments” and then “Black & White” in the next menu that pops out. That drains all the color from your top layer.

(To make sure it’s just the top layer, click on the little “eye” next to Layer 1 Copy in the layers window, and it will disappear, revealing your full-color original image in the first layer.)
So now we have this:

4. Now, you’re gonna start bringing out those little bits of color you’re looking for. Again, make sure Layer 1 Copy is selected, and then grab your eraser tool. Start getting rid of the black and white layer over the areas you want to be in color.

5. Carefully erase over the entire area you want to be color, et voila! You’re done! Add a drop shadow to make it a little bit sexy, and here you are:

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