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A Hastily-Written Open Letter To Chris Jones

Posted: April 17th, 2012 | Author: | No Comments »

A Hastily-Written Open Letter To Chris Jones, who is shutting down his blog because people are morons.

Dear Chris:

For fuck’s sake. Some people don’t get it.

The stuff you put out there made you human. “Holy shit, Chris Jones keeps score, too? Chris Jones is disappointed when his stuff doesn’t win an award? I thought that was just me… I thought these prissy ‘professional’ (said as obnoxiously as I can) writers just had everything handed to them.”

I read your writing and I see Patrick Roy in net. He made it look easy. He was brilliant. And he was on an entirely separate planet from me.

I read your tweets and your blog posts and I see my next door freakin’ neighbor. I see a dude I work with. I see someone who’s playing the same game as me, except he’s figured out things I haven’t yet.

The stuff you put out there made you human. It made you inspiring, it made you accessible. Because unlike trying to figure out how the hell I get to whatever planet Patrick Roy is from, I can see that the struggles you go through are the same struggles I go through. I see that by pushing through them — and sometimes it’s the push that has as much an affect on the writing as it is the breaking through — I can get there too.

People on the internet will always attack things. Those attacks will hurt. And having not been in your shoes and not been attacked the way you’ve been, I can’t say whether or not I think shutting down your blog is the right move. I certainly don’t begrudge you if you don’t want to put up with it anymore.

But I can tell you this: to those of us who get what you’re trying to do, the blog was an incredible source of inspiration and gave us perspective we don’t get because too many people are beaten down by The Assholes On The Internet and now refuse to share it.

Somehow, you bridged the gap between planets. You showed us you’re human, and that the rest of us, who are also human, can get there too.

Fuck The Assholes On The Internet. What you did was awesome.



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