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Cease-And-Desist, Hey Portland, and Pumpkin Beer

Posted: October 2nd, 2011 | Author: | No Comments »

Back in May, I helped start a company called Pollinate. We spent the summer building our website, blogging, and trying to get our name out into… well, whatever you mean when you say “out there.” It was tiring, but it was also rewarding. We were working hard and we were proud of what we were doing. Except, all of that work ground to a halt last month when we received a cease-and-desist letter from another company named Pollinate.

So now we’re Hoist, Ltd. We have a new website up and we’re back to putting our name “out there.”

But our mission is a little bit different, as is my role. That’s because some other things are changing as well.

Kelsey and I have decided that when our lease is up in February, we want to look elsewhere for a new apartment. Elsewhere could mean a few different things: we could find one somewhere else on Long Island, or somewhere else near the city, or somewhere else even further from where we are now.

But the place at the top of our list is Portland, Maine.

We’ve heard only good things about living there, and we’re hoping to find out more when we visit later this month. Further, we’re looking to talk to anyone who has or does live there, so if you know anybody, send them our way! I’ve also created a website called Hey Portland! to try to meet new people and get started making job connections in the area.

But we’re not out of our lease until January 31, so we’re not going anywhere just yet. We’re going to be enjoying ourselves (and, in the case of Hoist, working harder than ever) here on Long Island until the time comes to make the decision. So for now, let’s try to enjoy the coming fall weather and drink some pumpkin beer (or the thing Starbucks makes, if that’s more your taste).

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