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So I Accidentally On-Purpose Started A Company

Posted: May 31st, 2011 | Author: | No Comments »

Long story short, there was a project and it went well so we decided to do another and that one turned into a project designed to do more projects. Eventually, it became Pollinate.

That was a few months ago. Since then, Don — my partner — and I have been working on a business model, figuring out how to attract clients, designing business cards, and putting up the website. We’re doing some cool things, trying to satisfy creative urges in ways that are consistent with the kind of communications we’re trying to promote. We’re very specific in our goals as a company, and the services we offer: we polish and refine the personality of a business to present a brand that differentiates itself from others in the same field. Or, put another way, we help companies identify who they are and how they can present themselves.

A huge component of Pollinate is going to be the pro-bono work that we do. This whole idea started to come to fruition late this winter, right when Japan was being submerged by the tsunami. During the day we were plotting our next move, and at night we were watching news reports of the devastation and the pending nuclear meltdowns. It was a sci-fi movie right there on the nightly news. And it occurred to us that we weren’t going to be able to donate much money or be able to help in any real significant way. So we looked at what we could offer, and that turned out to be this business.

Branding isn’t just a tool companies can use. Not-for-profits need their voices to be heard, they need to trumpet their own causes. But most are budget-crunched to begin with, so they can’t afford professional guidance when it comes to marketing themselves.

We’re looking for some way to help, and we think we’ve found it. Along with the business we do with our clients, we are taking on not-for-profits and offering our services for free.

So the next few months are gearing up to be an exciting time in my life. Hopefully, exciting and successful. However it turns out, I’m proud to be doing what I’m doing.

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