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High Fives All Around!

Posted: October 19th, 2012 | Author: | No Comments »

Tonight, my brother’s girlf– wife (whoa, weird…!) — posted photos of their wedding on Facebook.

Mannnnnn, what a night.

Easily in the top 3 nights I’ve ever had. One of the nights that beats it was when we won the Pepsi Tournament in Buffalo — at which point, my entire hockey team of 12 year olds went out for pizza and wings, watched movies in the hotel, played knee hockey in the hallways, and then passed out from having too many root beer floats. Hard to beat.

So there’s that, and there’s probably one or maybe two others (the last night of college was fun…) that are up there. But that’s it. Looking ahead, I think it’s at least solidified its place at least in the top 10 for the rest of my life.

That’s a thought that stops me in my tracks. Not because I’m upset it’s happened and I’m heading downhill from here (I’m not), but because that’s how big it was. I was happy and I was proud that night. As good of a time as I’m going to have at any point in the rest of my life, that was one of them.

Imagine Bruce Springsteen sitting down to write a song, knowing that, at the end of his career, there are going to be 10 songs that are remembered as “his best.” They’re going to be the cream of the crop. And then think of him sitting down with a piece of paper and writing one of those songs. Imagine what he’d feel if he’d known that it was a top 10 song. Pride. Achievement. Success.

But he’d also probably be a little bummed, right? He’s got 10 good ones, and he just burned one. From now on, he’s got 9. And eventually he’ll have 8 and 7 and then none. He’ll be done.

Fortunately, we don’t have the kind of vision that lets us see the end of the ballgame like that (or we wouldn’t bet in favor of the Nationals, amirite?!). So we don’t know and we strive for better and better every day.

But I’m telling you, no matter what happens, one of my top 10 is gone.

It doesn’t bum me out as much as I thought it would. In fact, it’s kinda cool. It sets the bar for what to shoot for — I know how I want my big nights to go now (including more hockey trophies, chicken wings, and knee hockey sticks than Jason and Bethany’s…).

I guess what I’m trying to say was that it was a night totally deserving of a spot in the top 10, probably top 5. The friends and the family and the occasion made it so.

That’s what I got. And this: if you go out with me, let’s try to have a good night. Let’s try to top this one. But don’t count on it happening.

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