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Round 2 starts tonight.

Links: Mike Doughty, A Stadium Implosion & A Seinfeld Movie?

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Lots of videos coming at you today.

First up, if you’ve never heard Mike Doughty, you should check him out. Not only does the music rock, but the live show is cool. Most of his shows feature “The Question Jar,” a veritable grab bag of life’s most profound (or not) questions, which fans fill out before the show and he answers while on stage. Check out a the Question Jar answers from a recent San Francisco show (some NSFW language):


Next, we have a pretty killer camera shot that I’m not sure anyone has ever seen: it’s from inside the imploding Texas Stadium, the former home of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a 360 degree look at what happens when a stadium is blown up… from the inside. Why hasn’t someone thought to do this sooner?

Click this link to check it out… and make sure you aim the camera straight up at the 30 second mark for what one of the commenters calls an “OH SH*T” moment!


And lastly today, we have the trailer for what could have been a serious movie based on Seinfeld. Check it out:

W. T. F. ?!

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Really?! This exists?

I know that it’s a little wrong to root against these kids, but it’s more wrong to root against the sheep, right?

Finding Home

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For the first 18 years of my life, I lived in my parent’s house in Rochester. After that, I moved to a dorm room in Keuka Park, barely a blip on the map in upstate New York — four years of my life where, geographically speaking, I was left wanting more. From there, it was off to Syracuse for a year for grad school, and then to Los Angeles, where I chased internship and job prospects — there isn’t much opportunity for an aspiring screenwriter in Rochester. Now, after a year in Los Angeles and six months at home again, I’ve packed and unpacked my belongings again, this time winding up in Centereach, an aptly named crossroads smack in the middle of Long Island, surrounded by suburban strip malls and businesses with bright, neon signs.
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A Death In The Family

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A Eulogy, of sorts, of a dog that didn’t belong to me…

Kind eyes
I’m not a “dog person.” I’m not a cat person, I’m not a pet person. In fact, most of the fish we owned when we were kids went belly up and down the toilet before they got to appreciate the size of the aquarium they had moved in to — and our aquariums weren’t very large. So I never really graduated to the “animals with legs” stage of pet ownership.

But a few days ago, I had the unique — and unenviable — experience of being there when Kelsey’s dog, a dog that has been a member of her family since she and her sister were young, was put to rest. Now, I’ve never “known” a dog, nor have I ever grown comfortable with one. I’ve never looked at one lovingly, or even with the desire to pet it. At least, not in person. Movies and photographs, maybe. But it’s not because I have anything against dogs, but because… well, I don’t know, they’re dogs and I’m not and I’ll stay out of their way if they stayed out of mine. And I certainly never felt that a dog belonged to me.
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Links I Think You'll Like

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One of the things Twitter has been so powerful in doing is sharing content across the Internet.  Yeah, it’s great to carry on conversations with friends, or listen to John Mayer make his funny jokes after midnight, but the links and news stories and youtube videos and funny photos and on and on that I’ve caught because of Twitter is astounding. Here are some links I’ve stumbled upon that I think are shareworthy, in no particular order:

First up, the annual “Forbes Fictional 15,” calculating the 15 richest fictional characters in the world… of imaginary characters.

Global markets are rapidly recovering from the 2008 financial crisis, and so are the fortunes of the fictitious. There are six new characters on the 2010 edition of Fictional 15, our annual ranking of fiction’s richest, with an average net worth of $7.3 billion.


The name says it all with this one. It’s an “epic and honest mobile home commercial.” Nuff said.
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This Thing's Useful!

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Thank goodness for these!

So I’m trying to make a go at the freelance writing thing, and I’m trying to make out a budget for how much I need to make every month. Once I do that, I want to find out what I’d have to make hourly in order to pay all of my bills. I’m not very good with math, so I rely on a lot of guesswork and rounded figures, giving me something close to what I need, but not quite as precise as I’d like1. Well, the process just got a bit easier. I found an online paycheck calculator here: paycheckcity.com. Just punch in your hourly wage, the number of hours you work, and any tax allowances or deductions you have (don’t worry, you don’t have to register or give your information) and voila, it tells you what your paycheck will look like. The nice part is it figures out all the social security, medicare, federal, and state taxes that’ll be taken out. I compared it to my last current paycheck, and it’s right on the money. The best part: it works for all 50 states, and tax years back to 1999. Also, it allows you to input multiple wage rates, if you work a few different jobs that pay differently. All in all, I think it’s good stuff!

A screenshot of the site

I should say this, though: I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the site. I point you to the disclaimer on the site:

Important Note on Calculator: The calculator on this page is provided by Symmetry Software and is designed to provide general guidance and estimates. It should not be relied upon to calculate exact taxes, payroll or other financial data. These calculators are not intended to provide tax or legal advice. You should refer to a professional advisor or accountant regarding any specific requirements or concerns.

  1. I don’t mind rounding up on my expenses. I find that shooting for a little more than I actually need and planning on more bills than fewer bills works out better. I’d rather have more money at the end of the month than not enough. I’m already in enough debt from school…

Probably One of the Greatest Hockey Videos Ever…

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Hey kids, here’s a trash talking tutorial. Obviously, there’s gonna be some NSFW language. But it’s awesome:

It's Really Coming Down Out There

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I write a lot of quick, little plays. Conversations, really, without setting or context, most of the time. And though they’re not usually part of anything larger, they’re still fun for me, and hopefully you too. This one’s called “It’s Really Coming Down Out There”.


It’s really coming down out there.


You can’t stop it.


Where does it all go?


Where does anything go?


I mean, when it’s too much. That can’t all sink in.


Nope. It just piles up.


I wish it’d go somewhere.


That’s the point: it doesn’t.


It has to sometime.


Not for a long time.


But it can’t just stay there.


Where else would it go?


It could drain.


It’s too much for the drain.


Build a bigger drain!


I don’t think it works that way.


Well, it should!


It just comes down, more and more, out of nowhere.


Actually, the guy in the newspaper said we were supposed to get it this afternoon, so it’s late.


Well, she’s wrong. She’s always wrong... Wait, what are you talking about?


I’m talking about the rain.


Oh. I was talking about... Oh. Nevermind.


It’s really coming down out there.


The amazing scrippet plugin from johnaugust.com, found now on scrippets.org/.


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