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Nutrition City!

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I hate grocery shopping for one. And cooking for one. There aren’t a whole lot of options, nothing — except for frozen dinners — comes in a single serving size, and it’s way more tempting to just buy one of those pre-made grocery store dinners, because they’re already done and they include vegetables too, which I’m definitely not making for myself.

So anyways, what you see above is the result of my quick trip to the grocery store that’s just around the corner from the apartment. Kelsey’s working at the restaurant tonight1
so I’m on my own for dinner. It’s become a weekly thing, Friday and Saturday nights fending for myself, and this is a tradition that was started just about as soon as we moved in together. She goes to work, I go to buy myself something I can make easily and will hopefully have leftovers of so I don’t have to repeat the process for lunch and dinner on Saturday.

Yes, that’s a DiGiorno Pizza. They’re delicious, just like the commercial says. And yes, those are Oreos. I usually try to stick to the game plan (DiGiorno and maybe a six-pack of beer for the night), but they were 2-for-$5 when you walked in the door, it was over for me before it even started. I grabbed them and didn’t look back2. And yes, those are Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas. They looked good too, and I figured I might do a little taste comparison. If there’s better to be had, I want in!

And a gallon of milk, which we needed anyways, but when you look at it next to the Oreos, makes a lot of sense. Either way, in the end, I usually look pretty pathetic standing in line at the checkout counter on these nights.

  1. It’s her last night there, so there’s a little “yay” and a little “boo” tonight, because they’re good people and she’ll miss it, but at the same time, hello time together!
  2. Though, I did send Kelsey this text message: “I’m buying Oreos. Cause they’re on sale. Fatass.”

Amazon wants me to pre-order Avatar.

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I got an email yesterday from Amazon asking if I wanted to pre-order my copy of Avatar. Of course, I deleted it right away. Here’s why: Avatar was not very good. Cheesy dialogue, “Fullhouse” morals, cardboard cutout characters… Nothing about this movie surprised me.

I had no reason to root for the protagonist and no reason to root against the antagonist, because James Cameron spent more time touching himself than he did building emotional connections. Ok, I get it: this was supposed to signal a revolutionary new way to create movies. But let’s get to the story: on one side we have a dude who is in a wheelchair who is just supposed to do the right thing all the time (we’ll call him Charlie from the Mighty Ducks), even when it means he has to go hang out in some world that he knows nothing about, fight to gain acceptance in, and will still only be a minor character in his dead brother’s shadow (though, granted, he does get his legs back!!!!). Do I feel bad because he’s in the wheelchair and his smart, scientific brother died? No. But that’s only because he shunned everyone who did feel sorry for him. He didn’t need help slinging his feet into the Matrix tanning beds, and damned if he needs help becoming a big blue thing. So he’s on his own. And the bad guys? How courageous…

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